La Casa del Capitán
El Puertito Playa Paraiso | Tenerife

La Casa del Capitán - El Puertito Playa Paraiso

€110,- per night

Enchanting and nowhere to be found solution for unforgettable holidays. The Casa del Capitán is the best you can ask if you are a lover of oceanfront stays.

La Casa del Capitán overlooks the beach and has a breathtaking view both day and evening, giving you the chance to relax in front of the beautiful Tenerife sunsets. The Casa del Capitán comfortably accommodates 5 people offering safety for children too.

Experience the authenticity of El Puertito de Adeje Tenerife, a charming fishing village that diverges from the usual Tenerife scene. Nestled among vibrant tourist resorts, this undiscovered treasure remains pure and peaceful. Escape the typical tourist hustle and bustle as El Puertito offers a serene oasis, free from towering hotels and crowded waterfronts.

Immerse yourself in the genuine atmosphere of historic fishing buildings, where tradition meets the past. Our unique house, partially constructed within a cave, brings originality to your stay. While the rustic charm may differ from modern apartments, it promises a truly distinctive experience.

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