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El Puertito Playa Paraiso | Tenerife

Introduction to El Puertito

Located in a beautiful bay, El Puertito is one of the few remaining authentic fishing villages in the tourist area of South Tenerife. El Puertito means "small harbor," and that's exactly what it is. The village consists of no more than around 20 houses and is situated directly on a romantic bay with small caves and fishing boats.

The charm of El Puertito lies in its complete tranquility and unspoiled nature. It offers a totally different setting amidst the touristy coastline of South Tenerife. Despite Tenerife's flourishing tourism, El Puertito has been largely overlooked by tourists. It has remained largely untouched and still maintains its traditional Canarian fishing village vibe. El Puertito is reminiscent of old Tenerife from the 1970s, before mass tourism took over.

Walking through the village's narrow alleys along the bay, you'll reach the cliffs. Local residents often fish here, but the view of the rugged waves from the top of the cliff is also breathtaking.

The beach of El Puertito de Adeje (also known as El Puertito de Armeñime) is located in one of the most beautiful bays on the south coast and is perfect for snorkeling, attracting many diving clubs. The reason is the crystal-clear water with a stunning underwater view. Until recently, it was also known for the presence of a few sea turtles, but they have now disappeared.

During high tide, there's almost no beach left, and you can only walk along the promenade or sit on the terrace of the only restaurant in El Puertito, "Pepe y Lola." It's a great spot to enjoy freshly caught fish. Especially on weekends and during holidays, the beach and promenade come alive with locals.

The nearest public transport is about a 20-minute walk away, so most visitors come by car. The first building you'll see on the dead-end road to El Puertito is the small church of Ermita Virgen del Carmen, a traditional Canarian countryside chapel. Between this church and the next building, there's a small paid parking lot. Free parking is available along the road before reaching the church.

From La Caleta, there's also a hiking trail to El Puertito, offering beautiful views of the ocean and passing two remote beaches accessible only on foot: Playa de los Morteros and Playa Diego Hernández. The route is 6.4 km long and takes about an hour to complete. This hiking trail is not suitable for people with limited mobility as it involves some steep ups and downs, and you might need to search for the right path at times.

El Puertito is a popular destination for day trips, and visitors rarely stay overnight. If accommodation is needed, there are several options in nearby areas, but only a few in the hamlet itself.