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El Puertito Playa Paraiso | Tenerife

El Puertito Beach in El Puertito de Armeñime (Adeje) Tenerife

El Puertito de Adeje Beach (actually El Puertito de Armeñime) is located in one of the most beautiful bays on the south coast. It's perfect for snorkeling and is often visited by diving clubs. The reason is the crystal-clear water with a stunning view underwater. Until recently, it was also popular for the presence of a few sea turtles, but they are no longer there.

Not many tourists come here, but it can get busier in the summer months. During the off-season and especially on weekdays, it's a peaceful spot.

The beach has a crescent shape and consists of dark gray sand and gravel. It's essential to be aware of the tides during your visit, as the sand can almost disappear during high tide. However, you can still sit comfortably along the promenade.

The sea is calm, making it ideal for families with children. There's also an accessible entrance for people with limited mobility.

El Puertito de Adeje can only be reached by car since the nearest bus stop is about a 20-minute walk away. Unfortunately, parking can be a bit of a hassle, with only a small paid parking lot (€3) or free parking further away along the road.