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Kayaking in El Puertito de Armeñime (Adeje) Tenerife

One of the advantages of kayaking is that it's a low-impact activity suitable for all fitness levels, skill levels, and ages. If you can swim without assistance, you can surely go kayaking. Moreover, even a gentle kayaking session burns tons of calories, making it a great alternative to sweating in the gym.

Rent a kayak to explore the natural habitat, hidden beaches, and bays in the southern part of Tenerife. From a kayak, you can experience some of the island's most remarkable landscapes. While paddling, you'll discover places you've never seen before. If you feel like taking a swim, just jump in the water! And if you're lucky, you might even have dolphins swimming along with you.

Due to Tenerife's rugged mountainous terrain, not all seaside spots are easily accessible. But with a kayak, you can reach places that are otherwise challenging to get to. So, be surprised and paddle to remote little beaches where you'll hardly see anyone else. The best kayaking spots are in the south of the island.

From the bay of El Puertito de Adeje, you can venture into the deep sea to encounter pilot whales and dolphins. On your way from El Puertito to La Caleta, you'll pass by two beautiful beaches, Diego Hernández Beach and Los Morteros. The water is crystal clear and pleasant for kayaking. You can also snorkel here and observe the local marine life.

Playa Hernandez (formerly known as Diego Hernández) is considered the best beach in Tenerife. It features beautiful crystal-clear water with a natural white sandy beach. The area has three great coves to visit by kayak. As it lies within a Natura 2000 area, the beach can only be reached via a walking path, making it a somewhat hidden gem. Located between La Caleta and El Puertito, it takes about 30 minutes to kayak there.

Playa Morteros has a pebble beach with an accessible cave dwelling on the side. The bay is naturally protected from waves, making it a perfect spot for relaxed kayaking and snorkeling. With breathtaking views of the seemingly endless ocean and no access by road, Playa Morteros is a true hidden gem.

In El Puertito, you can rent a kayak from a local resident and take guided tours. There are rental options available from places like Sea Kayak Tenerife or El Medano Web in La Caleta.