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El Puertito Playa Paraiso | Tenerife

Snorkeling in El Puertito de Armeñime (Adeje) Tenerife

Tenerife is one of Europe's best snorkeling destinations due to its warm water temperature throughout the year. Snorkeling here is exceptionally pleasant, especially from May to October when the underwater visibility reaches more than 15 meters. During September, October, and November, there is a period called "La Calma" when there is no wind, turning the sea into a calm mirror.

El Puertito, being a small authentic fishing village, offers a relatively peaceful environment for snorkeling. The beach in the beautiful bay is a favorite stop for yachts traveling around Tenerife. The village's unique atmosphere sets it apart from the nearby bustling tourist areas. It's mainly the locals who come here to enjoy the tranquility of the enclosed bay, especially on weekends.

Snorkeling is easily accessible from El Puertito de Adeje Beach. You can enter the water directly from the beach and explore the beautiful underwater world. This small bay is also known as "Turtle Bay" since it was once a popular spot for snorkeling with turtles, although they are no longer seen there. However, you can still encounter various beautiful fish near the rocks. The bay is a protected area, allowing other (fish) species to thrive as well.

The best place for snorkeling in El Puertito is around the rocks on the sides of the bay. When the water is low, you can sit and lie on the flat rocks. There's a small café right next to the beach where you can enjoy refreshments at reasonable prices.

El Puertito is, therefore, an ideal snorkeling location on Tenerife and is also one of the busiest diving spots in the south of the island. Several companies offer diving services, such as Ocean Dreams Tenerife or Blackstone Dive Center.